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NTG signed an Agreement with Giro Nil to promote their services and Automated Clearing House “ACH” solutions and added value services for the Egyptian financial sector, Giro Nil services caters to the financial sector as well as the corporate sector. Services provided are but not limited to, Bill Payment Processing, Supplier Payment Processing, and Secured Payment Processing as well as secured ACH connectivity with different connection levels and options.


NTG Signed a new partnership agreement with SAGE a Swiss based company specialized in software applications and solutions addressing the financial sector with focus on the investment banking sector.


NTG Signed an agreement with iCreate a company specialized in business intelligence software applications addressing the financial sector as well as the corporate sector.


NTG has recently restructured its sales division hiring more sales people to help promote NTG new services and products in the market, which align with NTG strategy of diversifying its services and products offered to the Egyptian market.


National Bank of Egypt recently awarded NTG with a new contract to supply Hypercom POS machines, to be installed at NBE merchants outlets, as a contributions to NTG and NBE’s successful business partnership that has been there for over 15 years, strengthen NBE presence in the merchant acquiring market.


December 2009
NTG has restructured its sales and presales departments, where the new focus will be on the financial & aviation sector. The IT infrastructure sector has been merged in the financial sector promoting banking solutions.

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